Dr. Burkley and the U.S. Navy did not Appreciate JFK's Appointment of Dr. Janet Travell

Flawed Patriot
Bayard Stockton - 2011 - ‎.....
Maybe, indeed, there was more to Harvey's relationship with his secretary than pure business, but CG's jealousy may well have been about business because Rita (Chapowicki Merthan) knew all the secrets, including the tunnel, which were denied to CG.

White House Studies Compendium: Volume 6 - Page 292
books.google.com Anthony J. Eksterowicz - 2007 - 447 pages - Google eBook - Preview
page 290-
...Jacobsen's intrusion became only on of Travell's many problems as she began her tenure as the president's personal physician. Following the inauguration she occupied Dr. Snyder's three offices along the lengthy corridor opposite the president's elevator on the first floor of the White House. Travell saw the president nearly daily either in her office or at his private second-fllor residence. She relied on a small staff to care for others in the executive offices; they included Vice Admiral George Burkley of the U.S. Navy Medical Corps, the assistant White House physician, whose west-basement office was intentionally far removed from Travell's and the president's. It would be two months before Travell introduced him to Kennedy. Almost from the outset Travell and Burkley developed a dislike for each other because of personal and professional differences.
In addition to her staff, Travell depended on several consultants who left their private practice whenever Travell summoned them -- ....

Did Dr. Burkley/the US Navy overreact to the structure the new president set up to monitor his health and provide for his care?

http://www.camplejeuneglobe.com/carolina_living/article_9bf3f5cb-1732-56... and
Navy Nurses Celebrate 100 Years of Dedicated Service

....In February 1961, Navy Nurses LTJG Elizabeth Chapowicki and LTJG Dolores Cornelius are assigned to the White House Medical Unit (WHMU). Although, Navy Nurses attended to the medical care of the president as far back as the Woodrow Wilson administration, these two nurses are the first military nurses to serve in the WHMU. They also assisted with Hurricane Relief that same year on the Texas coast following the hurricane”Carla” and in Honduras following the devastating Hurricane “Hattie...

Washington Post Feb. 26, 1961
White House Is Her New Base
By Winzola McLendon - Page F4

The latest member of the White House medical team, navy nurse Dolores Cornelius, fits right into the "New" Fron- tier" look. She's chic, young, brilliant.
And the pretty Lieu- tenant Com- mander is another White House "first. She's the first nurse to be assigned to the private of- fice of the White House Physician __ where her boss, Dr. Janet Travell, is the first woman in history, hold the job.
An expert at shorthand and typing, Cmdr Cornelius will be a "combination nurse and medical secretary" to Dr. Travell. She will assist the Doctor with her pa- tients, help with correspond- ence, and travel with Dr. Travell "when necessary."
In the past, White House Physicians have taken their secretaries along of ex-tended trips. but none had had anyone who could dou- ble in brass as nurse and secretary...

Tom Scully Posted 12 May 2012 - 12:43 PM

Two sisters, Rita and Elizabeth (Betty), one or the other present in the White House during nearly the entire administrations of democratic presidents JFK, LBJ, and Jimmy Carter. Who selected them and who did they report to?

The agency: the rise and decline of the CIA

John Ranelagh - 1986 - 847 pages
Less than two weeks after the break-in John Dean, Nixon's general counsel,
told General Vernon Walters, the new deputy director of Central Intelligence,
that he was worried that the intruders — most of whom had worked for the CIA
in one way or another in the past — might start talking, to the disadvantage
of the CIA and the White House.

"My wife picked up the paper after the break-in and it listed the names of
the people who broke in," said Lawrence Merthan, married to an ex-CIA
employee, "and she said, 'If Jim McCord is involved in this, he got orders
from the President of the United States. I know Jim McCord so well — he's the
most decent, compassionate man I've ever known. He would never break the law.

If they broke in and did this, they were ordered by the President of the
United States to do it, otherwise Jim McCord wouldn't do it.' That was my
wife after reading the news item on day one."31 James McCord had been a
senior officer in the CIA's Office of Security. He had retired from the
agency in 1970 and early in 1972 had offered his services to the Committee to
Re-elect the President. Another of those implicated in the Watergate break-
in, E. Howard Hunt, had also retired from the CIA in 1970. Hunt had been a
DDP operator, acting at one point under the name "Eduardo" as the CIA's
contact with exiled Cubans in Miami during the Bay of Pigs operation. In 1971
he began to work for the Nixon White House and was one of those who started
Nixon's "plumbers" unit, which conducted secret (and illegal) break-ins and
political espionage operations. Watergate was one such break-in, and Hunt had
recruited McCord for the job. Four Cuban-Americans, all recruited by Hunt
through his contacts with the Cuban exile community in Miami, were arrested with McCord.....

Dec. 5, 1981
Rita Regina Merthan, 50, the personal secretary to first lady Rosalynn Carter from 1977 to 1981 and a member of the board of the National Woman's Democratic Club, died Friday at Georgetown University Hospital. She was admitted Thursday after suffering a cardiac arrest. A native of Worcester, Mass., Mrs. Merthan attended Boston University and the University of Maryland program in Frankfurt, Germany. Before joining Mrs. Carter's staff, she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for 14 years and was an executive secretary there.
....She is survived by her husband, Lawrence M. Merthan, and a daughter, Molly, both of Washington; her mother, Mary Chapowicki of Worcester; five sisters, Alice Chapowicki and Irene Paradis, both of Worcester, Lottie Dolan, of Orlando, Fla., Elizabeth Shedlick of Paris and Genevieve T. Giuffrida of Falls Church, and three brothers..

...Giuffrida wrote a thesis outlining a military plan for the forcible relocation of millions of black Americans to concentration camps in the event of a national emergency involving racial strife.[3][4] This is debatable.... In 1971 he left the Army and organized the California Specialized Training Institute for then California Governor Reagan. The institute trained state employees in emergency management and police in counter-terrorism activities.. It was during this time that Giuffrida became friends with Edwin Meese.

He also served as an advisor on terrorism, emergency management, and other special topics for Governor Reagan. He was eventually promoted to the rank of general in the California Giuffrida was confirmed on May 18, 1981

Tongsun Park's Club
By Phil McCombs; McCombs is a Post staff writer. October 16, 1977

....Indeed. According to a federal indictment, Park "set up and operated" Washington's exclusive George Town Club with the aid of Korean Central Intelligence Agency officials as a primary means in an illegal effort to influence U.S. politicians and officials.

With money, boldness and charm for credentials it appears that Park was able to harness for his own use, in part by means of this club, the enormous social energies of a world capital where the cocktail and dinner party is stock-in-trade.

How did he do it?...

....Chennault did not return repeated phone calls. Three other club founders who could not be reach for interviews were:

Thomas G. Corcoran, known as "Tommy the Cork," the former FDR braintruster who is now a widely influential Washington attorney. Corcoran, who did not return phone calls from The Washington Post, was quoted in other press reports as saying that Park called him "Papa Tom," although Corcoran was not associated with Park in business or lobbying. Nevertheless, Corcoran has been characterized in press accounts as having taught Park a good deal about how to operate in Washington. Corcoran has also been an escort of Anna Chennault at social functions.

Air Force Gen. Fred M. Dean, now officially listed as retired. Dean commanded the U.S. Air Task Force on Taiwan from 1957 to 1960, then went on to key staff and command positions in Washington and Europe.

Marine General Erskine, deceased, who commanded the Third Marine Division at Iwo Jimma. From 1953 to 1961 Erskine was assistant for special operations to the Secretary of Defense. "His responsibilities," according to a press release of the period. . . . included the areas of intelligence, counter-intelligence, communications security, CIA relationships and special operations, and psychological warfare operations."

De Wolf recalled that club board meetings were at first held in the office of another founder, Robert K. Gray, who is now president of The George Town Club.

GRAY HEADS the Washington office of the large public relations firm, Hill & Knowlton. A man of influence who likes to keep a low profile, Gray was President Eisenhower's cabinet secretary and has been a noted Republican fund-raiser.....

....Murphy said he was asked to be a club founder by Gray and by Lawrence C. Merthan, who at the time worked for Hill & Knowlton here and who is now with the Carpet and Rug Institute. Merthan, also a club founder, could not be reached for an interview.....

The American Security Council: Cold War Joint CIA-FBI ...
[53] *) Moon and Tongsun Park were both ran by the KCIA, which was allowed to run its South Korean lobby operation with the CIA. Tongsun Park set up the George Town Club with KCIA funds. However, first president from 1966 to 1976 was Rita Chappiwicki, who had been Bill Harvey's former secretary and therefore a top level insider to CIA operations. Co-founder Robert Keith Gray had CIA ties and so had various other board members.
*) August 28, 1977, Washington Post, 'Tongsun Park and the Korean CIA - CIA Had Reason to Know of Park's Ties to Korean CIA': "The American Central Intelligence Agency had reason to know as far back as the early 1960s that Tongsun Park, a central figure in investigations of South Korean influence-buying on Capitol Hill, had ties with the Korean CIA. An American CIA station chief in Seoul who met him frequently said he regarded Park as an important "agent of influence." In addition to Park's official Korean role he had at least circumstantial ties with the American CIA through his prominent membership in two student groups.

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